Supervision often includes elements of psychotherapy and organization development and supports you in handling professional tasks in the social, therapeutic and economic fields by:

  • Reflecting on own actions
  • Reflecting on learning and change processes of individual persons and within organizations
  • Reflecting on individual persons’ actions as well as acting together in work teams

Examples of supervision areas:

  • To help you get a better understanding of change dynamics and change processes
  • Reflection on personal and professional demands and recognizing own proportions
  • Focusing on own thoughts, feelings, values and behavior, competencies and personal development
  • Examining roles, power and responsibility, decision processes and leadership topics
  • Developing strategies for coping with professional pressure
  • Finding a balance between different requirements and interests
  • Advancing communication and conflict skills
  • Developing and increasing personal solution competencies
  • Developing quality management considering professional environment and overall organization

Emphasis on solution orientation, goal orientation, systemic context, “here and now”, reflecting on know-how and know-how transfer in order to reach agreed goals.

Supervision for students as part of the psychotherapy education costs EUR 110.- (VAT exemption).
The service fee for supervision is between EUR 140.- and EUR 240.- per session (duration 45 minutes, VAT exemption).
Rates for group supervision in psycho-social and economic industry on request.
It is not possible to get a refund for service fees from your health insurance. Costs for supervision are tax deductible.
Cancellation / rescheduling of an appointment is free of charge until 48h before the appointment, after that you will be required to pay the full costs of the session.