My goal is to support you with my knowledge and experience in difficult situations in which you have to take decisions, or during crises and conflict situations.

My counseling specializations includes:

  • Counseling for children and juveniles
  • Parent counseling
  • Counseling in case of separation / divorce
  • Counseling for relatives

One of my special offers is management consultancy, which requires a special business license:

  • Management consultancy and executive counseling
  • Change management and team building
  • Mobbing counseling
  • Burnout prevention

The service fee is EUR 150.- per single counseling session.
Rates for management consultancy for groups and organizations on request.
It is not possible to get a refund for service fees from your health insurance for counseling.
Cancellation / rescheduling of an appointment is free of charge until 48h before the appointment, after that you will be required to pay the full costs of the session.